Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Google Lit Trip is Published!!!

I am very excited to announce that my Google Lit Trip that I developed with the first graders at Pelham Elementary School has been published on the Google Lit Trip Web Site. The Lit Trip is based upon David Weisner's Caldecott winning book, Flotsam. Please take the time to check out other great Lit trips by students and teachers. A very big THANK YOU to Jerome Burg for this wonderful resource.

Here is an excerpt from the web site.

Flotsam is defined as debris floating on the ocean and is usually from shipwrecks. In the Caldecott winning book Flotsam, by David Weisner, the flotsam that washes ashore is a very special underwater camera. Come along for a trip around the world that follows the fantastical trip of a camera, the marine animals it captures on film and the children that find it.

This project was the combined effort of eight first grade classes and over 200 students. Each class listened and viewed the book Flotsam and each class was assigned a photograph from the book to investigate. Classes were divided into small groups and using Atlases and the Internet, each group decided where in the world the picture occurred. Using a large map and Wiki Stix, small groups picked locations, marked them with stickers and explained their decision making process to the whole class. Each class then voted and decided where their placemark would go on Google Earth. When all of the placemarks were decided, Mrs. Doe connected the locations with a path around the world. Students explored the Google Trip using Google Earth in the computer lab.

Check out the screen shots of the Google Lit Trip.

Flotsam Google Lit Trips Preview from GoogleLitTrips on Vimeo.

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