Sunday, January 21, 2007

Beginning my blog!

I have confessed publicly that I am a want-to-be librarian. My kids are still small so it will be a couple years before I begin my Masters in Library Science. Until then, I am perfectly content imposing my reading interests and addiction upon my kids. Hence, my blog's name: The Mombrarian.
Prior to staying home I was a technology coordinator for a K-8 school so although my posts will contain lots of information about children's literature there will be the occasional technology-related post. Please check out my profile for more information on my jobs in and out of the home and my first and only published book for teachers.
I am choosing to blog for two main reasons. I wish to enter the blogosphere where I can publish my ideas. I also wish to synthesize my thoughts from reading other blogs in a central place. In a somewhat recent post by Will Richardson, he discusses Blogging to teach Reading and the importance and difference in reading and responding to blogs. If we are to expect our students to read in a hypertext environment and to synthesize the multiple views online then we as teachers must be living examples. That is my intent. My posts will mainly cover children's literature since I am an addict but they may occasionally enter back into the technology realm.