Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where have I been!

January is a time to set the New Years Resolutions and update my blog roll. The problem is I have not been keeping up with reading or writing in blogs for a few months now and I really miss it. So I thought it best to catch everyone up on my past three months by telling you my story through books. This may also help explain why the blogging has been absent from my life.My Car is where I spend most of my day! I know I am not alone. I would love to know, though, what techie toys people are using to do their blogging on the run. Leave a comment if you have a suggestion!
Everyone Poops in my house and my three year old poops in his underwear alot.
For Thanksgiving we had a delicious beer-fed turkey. Run, Turkey, Run! Too late, we ate you. No grill cheese sandwiches on our Thanksgiving day. (But a really great story for reading aloud or for the beginning reader.)
Walt Disney World with Kids was everything we expected. Magical, tiring, and sensory-filled!
I should have read How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon to my husband while we were all sick over the holidays. He may have been the most difficult patient in our very sick house.
Oh, David!, (substitute David with the previously mentioned poopy underwear boy) I really do love you but how challenging you can be.
My number one New Years resolution is to feed my family healthier food and when two out of three kids Will Not Ever Eat a Tomato than I must make spinach and carrot brownies that are Deceptively Delicious!
***We have read all of the books listed and we highly recommend them in our house!