Saturday, March 08, 2008

WebKinz and Kids Social Networking

I came across this post from David Warlick's blog, 2 cents Worth. (Where is that cents sign when you need it?) The post discusses the pros and cons of worlds like Webkinz and how the kids are interacting that makes it different than just watching a TV show. My kids are spending some time online with WebKinz lately and up until recently their computer knowledge was very small. I think I figured they spent enough time watching movies and PBS that the computer could come later for them. E-mail , going online, logging out, and are now common terms in our house and I am glad they are getting some exposure to the online world. It is fascinating that my three year can completely navigate through this world of WebKinz without help. Our next task is to learn how to send mail and packages to our WebKinz neighbors across the street. Into the world of social networks we go!

I'm actually considering using WebKinz in my next Internet class for Lesley University?? I wonder what the teachers would think?

Here's another look at some social networking toys out there.

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