Monday, June 11, 2007

Final Late Check-in

Well, I read as much as I could considering I was visiting with family in Maine this weekend and watching three kids as my husband flew home from Australia where they just had one of the biggest storms in 30 years! Oh, and I also caught a nasty cold from my two year old and wanted to sleep for two days.
It's not much but here are my statistics. Sorry, MotherReader for not posting them sooner.
I finished a book! For me this rarely happens in a weekend since my reading is so broken up.
I also started three other books. (I had a hard time making decisions.)
Book Finished: The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan
This was a total page turner. I loved it possibly more than the first and I am very excited to get to the library and check out the third in the series. I love these book for many reasons, but here are some:
1.)Exciting, fast-paced adventure
2.)Mythological creatures and Gods with contemporary twists. It is so much fun figuring out who is who and who belongs to who and how the myths are related.
3. I never get lost in my reading. If I have an interruption I just pick up the book and find my place so easily.

I also started Pond Scum, The Sisters Grimm, and Physik.
Total Books Finished:1 (Books read from-4)
Total Pages Read:503
Total Hours Spent:6 hours 30 minutes

Not award winning for sure, but not bad considering I did spend a great weekend with my family and got sick. Maybe next time I might take a needed vacation and spend a couple days in a spa with my books!

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