Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blog Hiatus

I have been gone for a couple weeks. I hate to apologize for this but I notice many other bloggers do. I am not sure of how many frequent readers I have gathered since I started a couple months ago, but thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog during these months. There will be much more to come in the way of reviews and my reading experiences with my kids. So here is my excuse: My husband's impacted wisdom tooth and numerous complications. After five days he was still not well, yet being the good husband that he is, he urged me to go on a planned trip to NYC (May 19-21) with my mom. I am very jealous of all you fellow bloggers who are enjoying NYC and Book Expo! I did visit a couple bookstores in the city and picked up some fun gifts for my kids. On Sunday, May 20th we visited Books of Wonder, the largest children's bookstore in New York City. As I was browsing the beautiful shelves of books (the majority facing out!) I saw a small group in the back having an interesting discussion about books. I so wanted to join, but remained a fly on the shelves. As they got up to go I knew one of the participants looked familiar and it turned out to be Holly Black promoting her new book, Ironside: A Modern Faery's Tale. The bookstore was much smaller than I had imagined but it seemed like such a cozy place to have intelligent and inspiring book discussions. If we had only been there a bit earlier! The bookstore also has many signed books from, I assume, their many author visits. What did I buy? Not one book. Check out Adrienne's blog post to see what I also now own! Actually, I am saving it for my youngest's birthday in July. He will be three and loves the pigeon. My mom and I also shared a very large and beautiful cupcake at the Cupcake Cafe which is in the bookstore. I have to admit it was not my favorite cupcake but very pretty.

Things I will be blogging about soon:
-Our visit to North Hampton School to meet Judy Schachner, author of our favorite SkippyJon Jones books.
-What we are reading/listening to in our house. This includes an audio version of The Last Dragon and Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nihm.
-Summer Reading Programs-My thoughts and recommendations for pre-schoolers.
-Lastly, my Manga reading experiences!

Oh, and during my hiatus, I also did not read blogs. It took me five days to catch up on all my reading and I found so many great recommendations and suggestions that I am currently overwhelmed with possibilities and need to find a better way to organize my blog clippings. Any suggestions?

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