Friday, May 11, 2007

Poetry Friday-Tanka WebQuest

In addition to mothering my children 24 hours a day I occasionally attempt to teach a course for Lesley University. In many ways, it is like a small vacation. I get to stay in a nice hotel, go somewhere new and talk to peers!!! The great thing about the Lesley program (from which I did graduate) is that you complete your Masters in about a year and a half. Each three credit course is taught over two weekends amounting to 40+ hours of class time. So this year (I only get to teach my course once a year!!!)I am flying to Marietta, GA which is nice since my brother lives in Alpharetta. So I will also get a visit in. One of the topics I teach is WebQuests and my current favorite revolves around writing Japanese tankas. A WebQuest's purpose is to require students to use the Internet and research skills in a collaborative environment to complete a task that involves critical thinking. I pass out Bloom's Taxonomy and ask students to evaluate WebQuests based on the higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy. In the tanka Webquest, each group creates a Powerpoint slide to showcase their own tanka and all slides are combined into one final show. Even though it’s not a tanka, I will be wearing my new Haiku t-shirt from Threadless. Thanks MotherReader for the link!
After receiving my cool new t-shirt I was bit by the t-shirt bug. Now I'm thinking it would be very cool to have a thematic t-shirt for each day of my teaching. Like a Wiki t-shirt when I teach about Wikis and Wikipedia or a Blog t-shirt on blogging day.
Among my favorites are:
I Kiss and blog.
Time to make the blog
Mommy blogger

What do you think? Check out for more interesting t-shirts and designs.
And if you are unfamiliar with the WebQuest format, visit Bernie Dodge's site.
For more WebQuests on Poetry do a Google search for Poetry and WebQuests!

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