Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why Blog?

To add to a very relevant and timely topic for myself in the blogosphere, Why do I blog? I was just washing dishes. A chore I despise. I actually despise most housework. And a thought came to me about my own personal blogging. And it is probably obvious that I am new to this blogging world.
I read blogs for information. Very simply, I enjoy learning. If I could be earning a degree right now I would be. Since I am not, I find that I can stay in touch with the world I once belonged to physically in a virtual way. Reading kidlit bloggers in particular broadens my understanding of a field I wish to belong to. Although I have been a classroom teacher and technology coordinator, my next job will be as a librarian. I love getting glimpses of the newest books and reading each person's own takes and personality in their reviews. It makes me think. Then it makes me want to put those thoughts in my own words and add to this collective brain. To reflect and ponder what others say is the natural part of the blogging process.

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